Do You Need Another Booster Shot?

FDA authorizes 2nd booster shot for those 50 and older and those with compromised immune systems

  • For people age 50 and older, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized a fourth Pfizer and Moderna dose (second booster) to help minimize the risk of hospitalization or death.
  • The FDA also authorized a second Pfizer booster shot for people age 12 and older who have compromised immune systems, and a second Moderna booster shot for adults ages 18 and older with compromised immune systems.
  • All of the new boosters are to be administered at least 4 months after the last shot.
  • The Omicron-BA.2 variant has gained significant ground in the US since February and is expected to become the dominant variant here in the coming weeks. In Asia and Europe, large numbers of individuals have contracted COVID as the newest variant runs quickly through unvaccinated populations.

Vaccine effectiveness wanes over time

We have seen the protection from vaccines wane over time. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) published a study in February that showed the effectiveness of the third dose against emergency room visits declined from 87% to 66%, and from 91% to 78% against hospitalization at four months after receiving the shot.

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