Are We Really Out of the Woods?

Omicron is on the wane

COVID cases are falling, down sharply from nearly 800,000 daily cases reported in early January. The Omicron variant spiked case numbers in January, leading to lengthy lines of people waiting for COVID testing. Individuals sought to know whether they were positive with this highly contagious disease by getting PCR tests through Ottendorf Laboratories and others. With even vaccinated individuals experiencing breakthrough cases, many were afraid of bringing COVID-19 to their loved ones — children, grandparents, immuno-compromised patients — and wanted to know the truth about their health status.

To date, nearly 1 million deaths in the US are attributed to COVID-19

The good news? The peak of the Omicron variant has passed, and fewer individuals are getting hospitalized or dying.

source: New York Times, March 7, 2022

Yet we should remain vigilant

… The positivity rate and level of illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths in the US still remain high

Pockets of communities in the US do not have high vaccination rates and remain subject to CDC guidelines to continue following strict mask mandates

… Much of the world remains unvaccinated, and the ongoing circulation of the virus around the world will likely lead to new variants that might quickly spread globally

… Mother Nature has a nasty way of introducing variations over time, and there will likely be new variants of COVID-19 that can lead to a future and unexpected spike in illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths

Ottendorf Laboratories works with the North Carolina Dept. of Health and Human Services to offer publicly available, no-cost, no-insurance, no-ID COVID-19 testing and vaccination options.

Contact us at (919) 390-2550 or [email protected] to explore what options work best for you and your loved ones!

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