What are Workers’ Top Concerns over COVID-19 Variants?

worker stress leads to business problems

When your workforce is worried about COVID-19, your productivity, quality, cost, and service metrics will suffer

A recent survey shows that employees remain concerned about COVID-19, with the greatest number wary about bringing COVID-19 home from the workplace to their loved ones:
• Bringing COVID-19 home from the workplace to their families, 43%
• Getting sick at work, 39%
• Uncertainty about changing quarantine and safety guidelines, 27%
• Losing their job, 27%

Almost one-third of workers say that COVID-19 variants will impact their employment status, with the potential loss of income a major concern:
• Working fewer hours, 42%
• Losing their job, 33%
• Having to look for a new job, 26%

Source: Paychex, 2/23/2022, in a survey of 601 full-time employees

Be proactive! Get your workforce tested regularly and protected with vaccinations

How can you, as an interested and engaged employer, help address these worker concerns?

Work collaboratively with a healthcare partner like Ottendorf Laboratories, a state-approved vendor applying state-of-the-art PCR COVID-19 testing and offering COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters, to regularly know the status of your workforce and to get more of your employees protected with effective vaccinations. And the best part? These healthcare options are offered for free … at no cost to individuals or their employers, and requiring no insurance and no ID.

Ottendorf Laboratories works with the North Carolina Dept. of Health and Human Services to offer publicly available, no-cost, no-insurance, no-ID COVID-19 testing and vaccination options.

Contact us at (919) 390-2550 or [email protected] to explore what options work best for you and your employees!

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